The Consumerism of B2b Commerce

Aligning With Your Buyer Expectations

The nature of B2b commerce (learn our difference between B2B and B2b) is changing with millennials entering the roles of purchasing agents and corporate buyers. This B2b purchaser is about simply getting things done, not wanting to make a phone call to place orders or obtain a quote. Pivoting B2b commerce is complicated by both business process and technology, as there are many approaches and options. Our goal is to maintain your B2b heritage while coupling B2C processes and solutions to add multiple points of value to all constituents. Through our principal-led engagement model, you have direct access to experienced B2b strategists, designers, and technologists to guide your Digital Journey.

Echidna will guide


Assess Current State


Where are you at in your digital journey? Our executives have both helped lead successful Digital Commerce businesses at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Lexmark, Dell, National Instruments, and Teleflora, as well as from Digital Commerce Technology solution leaders like ATG, Oracle, and Demandware. Our principal-led engagement model ensures our experts are reviewing the current state of your business affairs and taking stock of what’s working well and what needs to be improved in order to advance Digital Maturity and achieve your leadership’s vision.READY TO BEGIN?


Strategy & Roadmap


Collaboration between our team and your business and technology leaders will create well-defined strategic imperatives, alignment on directional tactics, and plot milestones toward achieving a future state of digital maturity. READY TO BEGIN?


Prioritize and Evaluate


Being able to prioritize investments to fund projects, evaluate solutions, and drive process changes required to achieve the milestones of strategic roadmaps is imperative to successfully moving forward in digital maturity short and long term. We work with your team to align resources, direct initiatives, and leverage partnerships to empower you to move forward in the right direction. READY TO BEGIN?


Constructing Solutions


We walk with you in your digital journey and our team of experts come in to design, build, and implement the business process and technology solutions that will be needed to support your organization and provide experiences that empower people to execute your future vision. True change and digitally maturity of your Enterprise is taking place. READY TO BEGIN?


Prepare for Launch


Many Enterprises underestimate the need to prepare their organization and the people they serve for the change that is required to move forward. Our partnership ensures you are delivering valued experiences through change leadership, quality results, and diligent validation every step of the way. READY TO BEGIN?

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Calibrate and Refine


In today’s digital economy, change is constant. We continually review the new state of affairs following change by collecting feedback, monitoring performance, and calibrating operations to address unexpected results. Review & refine the value achieved; you mature and your journey continues. READY TO BEGIN?

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