May 2023 eCommerce Trends: Experts Give Insight

Exploring Opportunities with Generative AI

Meet AutoBot! We created this video to showcase how an AI assistant can provide value every step of the way for a company- making a prototype into a reality.

The possibilities are limitless with AI for companies when it comes to commerce, from being able to identify gaps in the market, to personalizing product recommendations, and even identifying production errors and anomalies.

Learn more about the possibilities of AI for your business.

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Creating a Seamless Commerce Experience

Echidna was delighted to develop a modern commerce solution for AirBorn Manufacturing's unique B2B requirements.By updating eCommerce technology and experience, internal teams are now working more efficiently and customers are enjoying a dependable and user-friendly online shopping experience.

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Unleashing the Power of Composable Commerce

While established manufacturers have advantages, they still struggle to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the market due to inflexible architecture. This can hider their efforts to implement new strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

To address these challenges, composable commerce is emerging as the future of eCommerce, offering a flexible and modular approach to building and scaling online stores.

This white paper, written in partnership with Spryker, provides valuable insights, best practices, and important concepts about composable commerce.

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Leveraging Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce has become a game-changer in eCommerce user experience to allow digital storefronts to improve their visitors' online buying experience.

But what about best practices?

As an ever-evolving technology that means careful attention to a range of factors, including the user experience, natural language processing, data privacy and security, and overall business strategy. Read the article to learn the top 6 factors to consider with your conversational commerce strategy.onal costs and improve efficiency in B2B eCommerce.

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Company News

Echidnites stepped away from the office for a little friendly competition. A big shoutout to everyone who participated and made our first Terrific Tuesday Game Time a success. We're already looking forward to the next one!

First Quarter Awards & Recognition

May 2023 eCommerce awards

Join us in congratulating not 1, but 3, Echidnites on milestone work anniversaries!

Congratulations to our Quarter 1 Star Performers! All the hard work, commitment, and dedication are truly appreciated and allow for continued success in serving our eCommerce clients to #winTogether. Kudos to all the recipients and keep up the great work!

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