Echidna Announces Partnership With accessiBe to Help eCommerce Clients Maintain WCAG & ADA Compliance

Echidna Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with accessiBe, the #1 AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with the WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility legislation.

As a leading digital agency, Echidna Inc. is focused on providing businesses with end-to-end services including strategic consulting, user experience (UX) design, eCommerce platform implementation, customization, and enterprise integration. This new partnership helps clients maintain ADA compliance online with a solution that is both affordable and easy to implement for businesses across all industries.

“With an increase in online shopping, ensuring eCommerce sites are fully accessible to people with disabilities is becoming increasingly important for companies,” explains Mike Pierce, President of Echidna Inc. “Website accessibility not only protects online businesses legally, but it also enhances the businesses’ reputation and enables our clients to provide a better online shopping experience to those with disabilities,” said Pierce.

By using AI and automation, accessiBe significantly reduces costs and time, making web accessibility achievable for all businesses. Contact Echidna to learn more about adding accessiBe to your eCommerce website.

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