Thursday, November 8th at TopGolf
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Event details:
Top Golf, 10601 E Easter Ave, Centennial, CO 80112



Top Golf, 10601 E Easter Ave, Centennial, CO 80112
4:00 Golf opens, cocktails and conversation kicks off
5:15 Digital maturity discussion
6:45 Event concludes

Digital Health Assessment & RSVP

Please allow yourself approximately 10 minutes to complete the digital health assessment. Read each statement and check the option that best describes your company's current business processes. Add additional comments regarding the importance of the statement in your company's vision or additional relevant information as needed.

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Strategic Imperatives We have a well-defined strategy in place to direct organizational efforts as we grow and improve our digital channels.

Investment Rationalization/Realization We have a comprehensive understanding of the total cost, revenue, and return on investment (ROI) associated with the operation of our digital commerce channels.

Vision & Strategy We have a well defined vision and detailed strategy in place for our digital channels.

Roadmap & Planning We have a formal roadmap that reflects the tactical initiatives that will need to be completed over the next 2-5 years to align with our digital commerce business strategy.

Channel Analysis We have defined strategies and tactics to mitigate risks associated with channel conflict in the execution of our sales and marketing strategies.

Research & Innovation We regularly conduct market and industry research to identify trends that may either be leveraged or would need to be mitigated to maintain/increase our competitive position.

Order & Inventory Management Our order management & inventory solutions have all the critical capabilities with the necessary processes in place to support our business needs and future strategies.

Fulfillment Our fulfillment capabilities have the necessary systems and processes in place to support our current requirements and future strategies.

Customer Care Our customer service team has the systems and processes in place to enable our current customer service requirements and future strategies.

Information Architecture We have a well defined website structure, where products are well categorized with a robust taxonomy, attribution and meta-data defined.

Channel Integration We utilize consistent data mapping, user personas, user journeys, and process maps across all channels.

User Interactivity & Engagement We engage customers, business partners and internal constituents to generate content, in-bound links, and social content about our products, our site and other aspects of the company.

User Research & Usability We regularly conduct user research and usability studies of buying habits, operations, website features, likes and dislikes, etc.

Visual & Interaction Design We regularly refresh visual design aspects that reflect the brand and optimize the buying experience (in-house or outsourced).

Digital Merchandising We have reliable data sources, systems and processes for creating a compelling representation of our merchandise in digital commerce channels.

Product/Catalog Management We have robust catalog and product information management systems and processes that enable us to gather and assign attributes to products, and products to categories, etc.

Order Completeness & Incremental Selling Our digital commerce platform provides capabilities to effectively associate products that should be sold together, as add-ons, or as up-sells/cross-sells.

Pricing Our product information and commerce systems provide capabilities to associate standard, promotional, contractual, quantity-based pricing tiers, etc. to our products by channel, by customer segment, by geography, etc.

Customer Segmentation & Personalization Our marketing and commerce systems provide capabilities to target campaigns, content, and online capabilities to various customer segments in order to create compelling and personalized offerings.

Email Marketing We leverage modern email marketing systems and processes to create campaigns to drive engagement and conversion through our channels.

Organic Search (SEO) We continually research and leverage SEO best practices to ensure our brand(s) and products are consistently associated with high-value keyword phrases and authoritative inbound links.

Paid Search We employ an effective paid search strategy to target high-value keyword phrases and track the traffic, conversion, and profitable return on our SEM investments.

Social Marketing We effectively leverage social media platforms and associated social media marketing platforms/providers to target relevant customer segments with product ads and brand presence.

Mobility We have a mobile-oriented digital strategy that leverages responsive UX site design, mobile apps where appropriate, and device-specific capabilities (Geo-location, camera, notifications, etc.) to drive mobile engagement and commerce.

Promotions We maximize revenue impact by leveraging promotions that encourage engagement and synchronize efforts across all channels.

Governance We have a disciplined management process to plan, prioritize, and direct the implementation of technology and the organizational disciplines to govern its on-time and on-budget delivery.

Software Platforms We have implemented modern software platforms that employ best-in-class features, capabilities, and extension frameworks to compete in and adapt to evolving business demands.

Data Integrity We have systems and processes in place that enables the consumption and utilization of relevant and factual data to help with decision making and automation of operations.

System Integrations Our systems are designed and implemented to facilitate the synchronization of data between applications, which is needed to align activities between operational departments.

Software Architecture We have a modular and extensible architecture that accommodates continuous change through parallel streams of work with minimal risk of business impact due to monolithic dependencies.

Development Methodology We have a modern and mature methodology that our internal IT and/or technology partners follow to accommodate continuous change, quality deliverables, and rapid innovation.

Infrastructure Our technology infrastructure is resilient, secure, reliable, and responsive to business operations, whether experiencing peak demand or undergoing technical change (deployments, upgrades, etc.).

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