Echidna Announces Partnership with VTEX

Explore how your business can leverage the world’s only fully integrated platform for marketplace, OMS, and commerce.

Jessup Manufacturing Case Study

Leveraging Magento Commerce Cloud, Echidna developed not just a website, but a digital platform for this global manufacturer.

Create a Meaningful Contactless Customer Connection

Our UX Site Audit identifies key pain points and areas of opportunity to increase engagement and conversion - fast!

Your Roadmap to SEO Success

Learn how to start improving online organic search rankings today.

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Technology Development
Strategic Consulting
User Research & UX Design

What We Do

We dedicate ourselves to the strategy, design, implementation, and continuous innovation of our clients’ modern commerce business systems.

Echidna is a team of artists, engineers, practitioners, executives, and tacticians with roots stretching back to the earliest days of online commerce. Working with B2C and B2B merchants, we are passionate about providing unique solutions to their challenging commerce initiatives. We believe by taking a holistic approach to collaborative solution design our clients will be empowered to accelerate their growth and create a true competitive edge in their market.

Powering Continuous Innovation with Our Technology Ecosystem

Exceptional Clients and Interesting Work

Partnering with brands across the globe and within diverse industries, we work to bring their commerce visions to life.


Remodeling the building products industry.

Construction Specialities connects their commerce operations into a single platform to now offer a best-in-class unified shopping experience.

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Meeting the demand of B2B and B2C channels.

Ergodyne continues to innovate with rich features and functionalities.

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From Modern Commerce Strategy to Viable Commerce Solutions


Digital Journey Maturity Model

Our experience adds value at each point of your journey. Echidna’s principal-led engagement model puts our experience front and center into every one of our client engagements for maximum value.

Art of the Possible Via Evidence-Based Activities

The Echidna system agency construct derives insights and actions. This evidence is used to enable the technology to help clients realize the art of the possible and maximize digital related revenue.


Having a solid Technology Stack, Process Effectiveness and Team is key to success. At the core is a tightly integrated Cart, Catalog, Personalization and Order Management Functionality, residing in the Cloud.

Consumerism of B2b

With the consumerism of B2b, you must find ways to differentiate through engaging and intuitive experiences or risk losing market-share. Why? Because your buyer wants the same easy ordering experiences they get as a consumer, or will seek to find them elsewhere.

Digital Marketing Optimization & Analytics

Your business requires meaningful insights to tackle your unique business goals and amplify brand presence in your market. With focused and data-driven online marketing services, coupled with a seasoned team of digital marketers, we are an extension of your internal team.

Future Readiness

What you do today should will lay the foundation to future of opportunities. Become proactive instead of reactive through a partnership of thought leading, experienced based, and evidence driven solution strategy coupled with a next-generation Digital Commerce technology delivery model. With our future readiness, Echidna will be the last Digital Commerce partner you will ever need.

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