It's no secret that the mobile device ecosystem is constantly evolving. Every day, there's a greater proliferation of mobile device + OS combinations. Technology enthusiasts like us (and you) love the ever-changing device landscape, but it can present a daunting challenge from a business perspective. So how do you make sure that your mobile app works the way it's supposed to, delivers the experience your users crave, and gets the praise it deserves -- across all devices, operating systems, and marketplaces?

ENSURE from Echidna can help

With Ensure, you can rest assured that your app works perfectly when a user downloads it on his or her device.

Echidna leverages Ensure to test the quality of your app across all devices that you choose. Based on the results, Echidna delivers recommendations regarding devices that need to be blacklisted, graylisted, and whitelisted.

Ensure allows Echinda to recommend -- and implement -- new features and functionality based on your feedback and our own native app expertise.

Echidna's robust experience in user testing, QA testing, and native app development come together in Ensure, giving us the ability to put all three disciplines to practice.

Ensure maintains and improves one of the most vital aspects of your app -- its reputation.

Your app's reputation in the marketplace can persuade -- or deter -- prospective users from downloading it. Yeah, Ensure makes use of rigorous quality control testing. But at its core, Ensure is all about maintaining and improving your app's reputation.

How does Ensure work?

Ensure's methodology is comprised of four stages:


Define Design Test


Audit Process


Implement Changes and Re-Test


App Certification

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