Enabling and Managing Commerce Technologies

Because we know technology can be a beast.

Technology sits at the core of your business, especially when it comes to commerce. You know how important it is, but you still have a love-hate relationship with technology. Sometimes, you just wish someone would step in and help you not just shoulder the burden, but actually leverage technology to propel your business forward.

Echidna can help. We...

Build and deliver clean front-end and back-end code


Build and deliver clean front-end and back-end codeSince your technology is rooted in code, it makes sense that you’d want that code to be clean and efficiently written, whatever the language. Whether it’s front-end or back-end, for a website or an app, the code that we write and deliver meets or exceeds industry standards and best practices.READY TO BUILD CLEAN CODE?

Support, maintain, and enhance systems


Support, maintain, and enhance systemsImplementing and deploying any piece of technology isn’t the end — it’s the beginning. In order to realize maximum ROI on your system, we’ll work with you to invest significant time and effort into making sure the system works as intended, your staff know how to use it, and it evolves as needs change.READY TO ENHANCE YOUR SYSTEMS?

Partner with or replace IT teams


Partner with or replace IT teamsSometimes your in-house IT team just needs a little assistance. Or maybe it doesn’t make sense for you to even have an in-house IT team anymore. Either way, we can partner with you to complement your existing IT efforts or become your outsourced technology vendor of choice.READY TO SUPPLEMENT YOUR IT TEAM?

Rigorously control quality


Rigorously control qualityYou need to know that your site/app/(insert technology here) isn’t hindering your business, literally or figuratively. Echidna’s emphasis on quality control ensures that every piece of technology we deploy works without incident, and we can also help companies that have quality issues with pre-existing technology.READY TO CONTROL QUALITY?

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We enable and manage their Commerce technology.

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