Your brand has amazing potential for online growth. But first you need data. About your customer's behavior. About your sales. About your site's performance. Once you have your data tapped and flowing like a steady river, you can then begin to leverage it, informing intelligent business decisions that will allow your brand to not just grow, but to flourish.

EMPOWER from Echidna can help get you there

Empower consolidates data from multiple sources into customized, powerful, interactive, executive-ready dashboards.

Your data is uniquely yours. It lives in your commerce platform, in your Google Analytics, and in countless other sources. Empower brings all of your data together in one place, driving informed business decisions based on the full picture, not puzzle pieces.

Empower gives you a different lens for making the right business decisions.

Instead of making business decisions based on intuition or what you did last year, Empower allows you to make intelligent, data-driven decisions. Empower makes you look good and helps your business thrive. It's a win-win.


Flexible Time Period Selection

Side-by-Side Comparison

Data Granularity

Rich Segmentation

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