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The automotive industry is at a crossroads. One way maintains the current status quo with little room for competitive edges and scalability, while the other path leads to reimagining its core operations and focusing on digital channels.

Echidna has the expertise to help automotive and after-market auto part companies move toward digital selling as a business model for both B2B and B2C markets. Our team has helped numerous clients create best-in-class shopping and self-service experiences for their customers.

Leveraging Echidna’s eCommerce process accelerators fuels growth faster with tailored solutions in a rapid fashion for the automotive and auto after-market. This allows your business to start recognizing value, collecting data, and achieving goals quicker for a fraction of traditional market cost.

From out-of-the-box eCommerce features to customizations and catalog integrations specific to the automotive industry, our team can help.

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Our holistic and collaborative commerce innovation practice provides a trusted framework.
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Key Partnership Highlights


Echidna’s years of experience in Electronic Parts Catalogs (EPC), helps guide automotive and auto after-market brands to choose the best path forward. We have worked to complement the current EPC with eCommerce or replace the EPC altogether, in order to best serve the brand for future readiness, the ability to innovate, and create a truly smart tool.


Echidna is able to address clients’ complex business problems and deliver innovative solutions. Our expertise in eCommerce technology enables brands to create unique digital experiences faster and fully leverage hundreds of out-of-the-box features, as well as customizations and catalog integrations specific to automotive and auto after-market.


Our partnership allows clients to build and extend shopping experiences faster and at a lower total cost of ownership. Echidna’s expertise in eCommerce architecture allows us to design, deliver, and support robust B2B, B2C, and B2B2C commerce requirements.


Echidna leverages eCommerce technology to deliver fully personalized shopping experiences across all commerce channels- web, mobile, social, and even in-store to support and empower our clients’ business and technology strategy.

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Why Our Clients Love Us

“Their questions showed a real understanding of business fundamentals. More importantly, at least to me, is that they understood my business model, my vision for growth, my customer base and the markets we reach.”

-Rob Jessup

Jessup Manufacturing CEO


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Echidna’s eCommerce expertise paired with our process accelerators brings tailored solutions to the B2B market in a rapid fashion. We design experiences to serve your company’s unique needs in delightful and convenient ways. Together, creating a transformative foundation for innovation that your business customers will appreciate as they operate their business and that your own internal teams can leverage to better operate, innovate, and optimize.