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Digital Journey Maturity Model

Your Journey is Our Journey

Echidna’s principal-led engagement model puts our experience front and center into every one of our client engagements for maximum value. Our Digital Journey Maturity Model takes into account all six pillars of your company:Business, Operations, User Experience, Merchandising, Marketing, and Technology.

Digital Journey Maturity Model Core Enablers


Guide Strategy and Roadmap


Guide Strategy and RoadmapStrategy planning is key to clarifying and communicating your vision for the future. It is a collaborative process that aligns leadership vision with tactical execution. Our goal is to help you recognize trends, identify market opportunities, define goals, execute tactics, measure progress, and continuously inform and improve your strategy. Creating a Roadmap aligns and directs your organization through the journey toward accomplishing your strategy and developing practice maturity. In a world of continually changing landscapes, we appreciate that the journey toward a destination is often fraught with challenges. We help you plan and place guideposts to denote milestones that represent your progress and provide the opportunity to reassess the travels ahead. READY TO BEGIN?

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Execute Your Strategy & Roadmap


Execute Your Strategy & RoadmapThe Execution of your strategy and roadmap represents the activities and effort it requires to get from one milestone to the next on your journey to maturity and strategic success. How you execute will determine how efficiently and effectively you achieve those milestones. Poor execution can hinder progress or result in costly resources being lost to misaligned efforts. We help you establish a methodology to continually align and assess tactical efforts and improve results.READY TO BEGIN?

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