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Digital Growth Readiness

Digital Growth Readiness Assessment

Gathering data on the perception and priority of your business is a critical component to the digital growth of your company. Your feedback is important.

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Strategic Imperatives We have a well-defined strategy in place to direct organizational efforts as we grow and improve our digital channels.

Our infrastructure and processes have all the critical capabilities with the necessary processes in place to support our business needs and future strategy. This includes operations relating to Order and Inventory Management, Fulfillment, and Customer Service.

We have a well defined site structure with products are currently categorized with a robust taxonomy, attribution and meta-data defined. We utilize user personas and user journeys, which are mapped across multiple channels. User data is unified across all our channels.

We have reliable sources and processes for compiling content to create a compelling representation of our merchandise in digital commerce channels, including capabilities to effectively associate products that should be sold together, as add-ons, or as up-sell/cross sells via our digital channels.

Our marketing and commerce systems provide capabilities to target campaigns, content, and online capabilities to various customer segments in order to create compelling and personalized offerings.

We have a mobile-oriented commerce strategy that leverages responsive UX site design, mobile apps where appropriate, and device-specific capabilities (Geo-location, camera, notifications, etc.) to drive engagement and commerce on mobile devices.

We have a disciplined management process to plan, prioritize, and direct the implementation of technology and the organizational disciplines to govern its on-time and on-budget delivery.

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