Top 3 Shop.Org 2017 Events


If the retail world can agree on one thing, it is that in order to stay relevant you have to constantly be evolving. is a great event to allow your brand to evolve through their amazing education program and networking opportunities. This year is focused on teaching attendees to not only lead change across all digital platforms and effectively implement innovative technology, but also to use data to drive personalization efforts, integrate omnichannel strategies and ensure you and your company are fit for the future. It has been designed to keep retailers ahead of the curve and give insights into what’s next for the digital retail industry. No surprise the attendees include some of the biggest names in fashion, the largest marketplaces, some of the most well-known start-ups, and not to mention networking with all of the above. The tools you can gain through attending the right sessions and events at 2017 will inevitably allow your business to grow, adapt and reinvent itself for today’s digital and commerce challenges. It was a big undertaking, but I’ve narrowed down my three must attend events at that any retailer will be able to appreciate.

1. Retail Roundtable Luncheon

To me, this is what disrupting this industry is about. Connecting with your peers to learn from one another and discuss strategy, what works or doesn't, and being able to take and execute on it when you get back to the offices. Industry leaders lead these table discussions that include site experience, talent, AR/VR, global commerce and more! To learn more and register for this luncheon, you can click here.


2. Meet 1:1 regarding digital strategy with the experts

A unique opportunity this year to meet one-on-one with the folks from Echidna. Spots are limited for these consultations, so schedule yours in advance to grab your desired time slot before it gets booked. You can sign up for a slot here. Echinda is powered by deep Direct to Consumer Business Leaders; In-house design and user experience expertise; Enterprise-class solution architects; and Deep commerce technology domain qualifications to drive digital transformation and enable inspired customer experiences for brands to attract and convert customers for life.


3. Fast Company Series has partnered with Fast Company, the world's leading business media brand,to provide a unique series of sessions focused on innovation. This series will include sessions on driving a turnaround of the business digitally, innovating your customer experience and what to expect with the next wave of retail technology. Depending on your brands needs and your interests, you can choose the track that best fits you.

What are you excited to attend at Shop.Org 2017? What speakers are not-to-be-missed in your book?