November 2022 eCommerce Expert Insights

Echidna Builds Modern B2B eCommerce for AirBorn Manufacturing

Airborn manufacturing

AirBorn Manufacturing came to Echidna looking for an online commerce solution that reflected the high level of quality their brand is known for. It was a delight to partner with them and bring a modern eCommerce technology and site user experience to serve their digital customers.

Read the press release to learn more about their new site and our partnership.

Read the Press Release

Video: Echidna's Approach to Modern Commerce Success

Watch the video as our clients and team discuss Echidna’s approach to leverage our years of experience and proven practice to empower clients with the tools to have a successful digital commerce practice now and in the future.

3 Important Trends to Consider for 2023 Growth

While every business is unique, the three trends in this article lead the way to powering digital commerce forward into the new year.

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Video: Echidna’s Business Model of “Always On”

As many brands enter peak season, we continue to be available 24/7/365 making sure our clients have our dedicated attention to ensure everything is going smoothly. Watch and listen as clients share their experience with the Echidna team.

Top eCommerce User Experience Improvements to Grow ROI

Creating an effective user experience means you can expect a return on your investment, intimately know your users behaviors, and for opportunities to surface based on interactions.

If you aren’t getting this it doesn’t always mean you need a full site redesign. Read the article to learn what 6 factors can often be adjusted to bring big KPI improvements.

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Company News

Every company has ideas of what they want their eCommerce to look like and offer, but how can you ensure it will meet brand goals and user expectations?

Watch the video as Echidna clients, Echidna CTO Nathan Schatz, and Echidna CXO Michael Braun discuss our approach to designing the building the best modern commerce experience possible.

Milestone Work Anniversaries

Today we are recognizing Chandra and Sushma, both celebrating milestone work anniversaries this month. Congratulations to Chandra on 5 years and Sushma on 3 years with the team. We thank you for your hard work and contributions!


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