Features Your Mobile Commerce Needs in 2022

If mobile is the future, welcome to the future.  

Google has officially switched to mobile-first indexing for all websites. This means Google is first looking at your mobile site and using that to based on how it will rank your desktop site according to the information given.

Customers in both B2B and B2C expect to be able to visit a website or pull up a mobile app from their smart devices with a smooth experience. However, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to merchants’ mobile experiences. Per DynamicYield, only 12% of consumers find shopping on the mobile web convenient. We are sharing several features a mobile shopping experience should offer its buyer, whether it is B2B or B2C. 

Mobile App and Mobile eCommerce Features

Responsive Design

If you haven’t already tackled this, it should be your #1 commerce initiative for 2022. Responsive website design allows your site to automatically reformat to whatever device a user is pulling it upon. It makes sure your site is easy to read and browse. Without a responsive website design, you are leaving a lot on the table in terms of possible sales, engagement, and Google search rankings.

Size and Spacing

Using large buttons and readable text is crucial to a mobile-friendly site or app. You should need to zoom or scroll left or right in order to read on your site. 

Below is an example from our client, Wolters Kluwer. You can see that the text and buttons display nicely on the screen and are easy to read. 

wolters kluwer mobile commerce

Additionally, make sure to allow for space between any hyperlinks. Placing them too close together can result in users accidentally clicking on the wrong link. 

Check-Out Experience

The quicker and easier you can make the check-out process on users, the more likely you are to convert them into a sale. Creating a simplified check-out involves several considerations from the information you ask buyers to give you, shipping options, and mobile payment solutions.

Collect Buyer Information

The more a new buyer needs to fill out, the less likely they are to walk away from the purchase. That being said, you obviously need some information. Placing it in easy to fill out forms and making setting up an account part o the process is a great way to convert one-time buyers into future loyal customers.

Add a BUY NOW Feature

If users are already logged in, offer a BUY NOW feature for items. One-click and they can swipe to approve their payment option and purchase.


Make your shipping options upfront and clear from the start. During the checkout process call out the options with pricing easily visible so the customer can choose (if applicable). Try offering a quick and easy checkout for both new and returning users and create clear call-outs of shipping methods.

Payment Options

Buyers expect merchants to offer more than just credit card options these days. B2B sites should consider offering account terms or account credits. Other popular options include Apple Pay, PayPal One-Touch, and Amazon Pay. This allows customers to simply check out instead of having another step of entering credit card information.

Reach out to us if you would like to discuss your mobile commerce and keep reading for more actionable insights and examples.


Make it Easy to Find Things

Bottom line if you can’t find things, you can’t buy things. This includes having clean navigation and an easy and intuitive search feature.


Many responsive sites utilize hamburger navigation- this is a great feature. Advancements have been made in improving the mobile commerce user experience further, and adding icons located at the top or bottom of the page has proved extremely successful. You might even find the need for hamburger navigation no longer is needed through the use of icons on mobile.

We love how Jelly Belly offers clients easy icon navigation and the hamburger menu to showcase products at the bottom of the mobile device.



Search is probably the most important feature your website can offer, especially to a mobile commerce user. Prominently placing the well-known magnifying icon allows your users to quickly type in what they are looking for. Make sure you apply the rules of large text and spaced hyperlinks in your search results.  Your website’s search feature is especially important to mobile users.

Jessup Manufacturing places the search function at the top of the screen where it is easily visible. They also have an intuitive filter function to make it easier for users to find specific types of products, resources, and articles throughout their site.

jessup manufacturing mobile commerce

Make it easy to connect

If a potential buyer is having questions about a product or issues with the checkout you don’t want to make them have to search the site for a way to get help. Make it easy for them to connect with you by adding click-to-call and/or live chat features.

Click-to-call allows mobile users the ability to call your business with a single tap. Chatbots and messenger apps offer to make it easy for the business to interact with the site users. Frontpoint Security offers both of these options for their users creating an excellent customer support experience for users through mobile.

frontpoint security

How Mobile-Friendly is My Site?

Google offers a mobile-friendly test tool that allows you to put your website link in and test it. It will offer you a detailed summary of how you can improve your website to make it mobile commerce ready.

If you need guidance improving your mobile website or mobile app, reach out to our experts at Echidna to start a conversation.

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