Magento Imagine Joins Forces with Adobe Summit in 2020

There has been no slowing down since Adobe announced its acquisition of Magento Commerce back in 2018. With Magento Commerce joining the Adobe Experience Cloud, they are now bringing the Imagine Conference community to join forces with the Adobe Summit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from March 29 through April 2. This co-location will allow Magento Commerce experts and pioneers the ability to expand their learning and networking opportunities, along with giving access to all Adobe Summit keynotes, events, and well over 400 sessions and labs. So what’s in store for those attending Magento Imagine 2020 @ Adobe Summit, and where can you find Echidna? Read on to find out.

What to expect at Magento Imagine 2020?

Bigger, better, more opportunity to network and learn about sums up what to expect this year. In addition to over 90 commerce sessions across eight tracks, attendees will now have access to all Adobe Summit keynotes, 400 sessions and labs, and networking events including the Summit Bash. And let’s not forget about the show floor! This year more than other years past it will be important to schedule your time wisely due to the increased amount of sessions available to you and the overall size of the conference. Don’t fear! Their experts are on top of it and have created a great tool to help you navigate your conference days. By utilizing their session catalog in advance you can rest assured you don’t miss out on important educational or networking opportunities.

Magento Imagine has broken its sessions into a handful of categories to ensure you’re where you want to be. This year they are offering topics ranging from navigating Commerce Best Practices, Solutions and the B2B Market to Customer Experience insights in Commerce and Omni-channel innovation. Let’s not forget about the Small Business Growth category and sneaking a peek to preview their roadmap for commerce product innovation.

Connect with Echidna at Magento Imagine 2020

Speaking of sessions, Echidna’s President & CTO, Mike Pierce will be joined alongside our client, Rich Pompilio, VP, eCommerce and Digital, Frontpoint Security in a session to learn about Transforming the B2C and B2B Customer Experience. This session will highlight key integrations and UX design decisions that enabled Frontpoint to fully leverage the robust commerce capabilities of Magento. (Session date and location should be announced shortly. Please contact us for the latest.)

Educate, discover, collaborate, and have fun!

Joining forces with the Adobe Summit gives the Magento Commerce community the chance to hear and meet with some of the best minds in not only commerce, but marketing automation, analytics, and advertising. It’s no wonder so many folks say it is a can’t miss conference. We look forward to attending and hope to connect with you there!

If you will be at Adobe Summit 2020 please contact us to set up a time to connect.

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