Magento 2 - What to Know About Migrating

Look up the meaning of migration and you'll see it is defined as a movement from one part of something to another. That is exactly what is taking place when you move from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Many brands mistakenly look at this move as an upgrade, which it is not. Don’t expect a point and click operation, but instead a change in database structures, themes and working with a new API. Luckily, Magento has done an excellent job preparing Magento 1.X users for the migration and by working with a Magento 2 certified partner it can make the process that much more simplistic. So, if you haven’t made the move, the time to start is now. If you are sitting on a Magento 1.X site, you probably know that Magento declared it will end its official support to Magento 1 in 2020 which makes this move not only desirable from a future-readiness standpoint in order to be competitive, but also necessary from a security standpoint.

What Should You Know If You Stay on Magento 1:

  1. Security patches will not be produced for these versions once support ends
  2. No new features will be added
  3. Magento 1 will become increasingly vulnerable to hacks as the code grows older
  4. Magento 2 users will have an increasingly competitive advantage based on features and functionality. 

If you decide to stay on Magento 1 you are ultimately putting your brand at a stand still in terms of continual innovation and steps behind in future-readiness, giving your competitors a huge edge. Not only that, running unsupported software is extremely risky. 

What is a Typical Timeline for a Magento 2 Migration? 

The timeline for a migration will vary depending on your sites level of customization and if you are looking to update the user experience, but a safe bet is to allow a minimum of 3 months. 

Considerations affecting the Magento 2 migration timeline might include:

Download our full Magento 2 Migration Resource to understand what a basic migration path will look like and contact our digital experts to discuss your questions and requirements around a Magento 2 migration today.

Download Our Magento 2 Migration Resource.

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