Client Case Study Highlight: Jessup Manufacturing

Simplifying UX and Implementing Magento 2 to Create a Business Platform to Connect All Customers

In our latest client case study, we go behind the scenes of the digital commerce success achieved by a global manufacturer for adhesive coated and laminated materials and photoluminescent films and sheets- Jessup Manufacturing.

Discover how Echidna and Adobe's Magento Commerce, transformed the online user experience for increases in traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Connecting To All Customers

Since their humble beginnings in 1956 Jessup Manufacturing continues to focus on the same thing- the customer. This focus has allowed the brand to evolve into what it is today. When Jessup made the decision to develop a new website, they decided they needed not just a website but a digital platform for global business. Jessup turned to Echidna to navigate the transformation and implement Adobe’s Magento 2 Commerce to replace legacy systems. 

 “As an organization, we serve a range of disparate markets,” said Robert A. Jessup, third-generation owner of the company, whose markets include commercial, industrial, residential, and action sports. “Because our market reach is so expansive, we needed a proven digital partner who understood, with clarity, the challenge we faced in transforming and simplifying a user experience. That partner proved to be Echidna.”

Simplified UX & Solid Technology

Challenge accepted. Jessup Manufacturing's digital transformation kicked off with a replatform to Magento 2 and improved user experience. With an upgrade to Magento 2, Jessup Manufacturing was able to create a solid foundation for future growth and scalability- a key to continue to be able to meet customer expectations. Through rethinking and crafting a more simplified UX, Jessup Manufacturing is able to support multiple customer journeys and personas that are responsive and adaptive in all device viewpoints. 

Check out the full story to see how Jessup Manufacturing partnered with Echidna to achieve 300% increase in transactions and 400% conversion rate growth.

“We love working with Jessup,” said Mike Pierce, Echidna’s President, and CTO. “Top to bottom, the company is so driven to innovate for customers. Whether it’s in the quality of their products or the convenience of their services, delighting customers is at the heart of everything Jessup does. We are so proud to partner with them in that effort and to witness Jessup’s next evolution in a long history of innovation.”

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