How Construction Specialties Built a B2B Buying Experience to Meet Customer Expectations

Construction Specialties has been at the forefront of providing specialty building products worldwide for more than seventy years. With a presence in twenty countries, they have obtained more than 40 registered product patents and produced ten distinct product lines. Their products can be found in or on some of the world's most famous buildings.

With a preexisting online store platform they aimed to convert that into a revenue-driving B2B business that met their buyer's expectations in today's digital age. They wanted to provide customers with functionality and features that were similar to what consumers get, allowing buyers to self-service and swiftly navigate through essential journeys. 

Construction Specialties undertook a journey to revamp its eCommerce technology and user experience to better serve its customers and internal business users in 2019. They partnered with Echidna to accomplish this goal and as the initial step in its transformation journey, Construction Specialties successfully rolled out its new commerce storefront. The company today continues to stay competitive in today's eCommerce landscape, seeking ways to innovate and improve its online shopping experience for its customers. By leveraging data, incorporating new technologies, and soliciting customer feedback, Construction Specialties continues to grow and evolve its eCommerce storefront.

The eCommerce website is a critical aspect of simplifying the process of doing business with Construction Specialties. With the new online store, customers can easily locate products for ordering or reordering, which streamlines the purchasing process.

Project Highlights

Since implementing their new eCommerce platform and upgrading the user experience for buyers, Construction Specialties has experienced significant positive changes. The enriched data and improved tracking capabilities have allowed them to accurately reach their key target audiences, resulting in substantial savings in the marketing budget. Additionally, they have seen a tenfold increase in the number of users, new users, and sessions on their eCommerce platform. The improved user experience has resulted in a doubling of eCommerce product revenue. These changes have not only helped Construction Specialties to better serve their customers but have also had a positive impact on their business performance.

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