How GAF Materials Corporation Is Putting eCommerce at the Heart of Their Growth Strategy

These past few years have shown that customer expectations in all markets are quickly evolving online. It’s clear the benefits of investing in a digital marketing and commerce strategy- better understanding your customer with insights that can be used to drive improved innovation and opportunities. However, while many companies have an eCommerce presence, they struggle to fully embrace a strategy because of the many complexities involved.

As customers demand more digital conveniences from brands and businesses expect from digital automation from suppliers, General Aniline & Film Materials Corporation (GAF) saw their greatest challenge (and opportunity) was in front of them. Being part of the largest roofing and waterproofing business in the world, and the leading roofing manufacturer in North America GAF knew improving automation, content management, and overall online user experience would be a beneficial investment for years to come. So as expectations evolved, GAF approached Echidna to partner together in creating a fresh approach around their digital experience. 

The process of eCommerce evolution 

This project started with in-depth discovery to better understand GAF’s customers, business, and technology operations and objectives. The goal was to build a new site that will intend to service both B2C and B2B clients while offering an easy-to-shop experience reflecting what they would experience in a physical storefront. Upon reviewing the current state and presenting our findings, GAF decided to select Magento Open Source Commerce as their eCommerce platform and a user-friendly approach was the focus throughout their entire project. 

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Why Magento Open Source Commerce for GAF?

With its robust foundation and ability to support a headless approach to integrate eCommerce into the online experience, it served as an excellent foundation for GAFs digital sales. The head of the engine is able to be managed by their Marketing team, while eCommerce operators and innovators can take to managing the engine that will drive transactions and processing on the backend.

Regardless of time passed, GAF is now able to serve customers whether in their discovery phase, purchasing, or in need of aftermarket care through Magento Open Source.

Quickly converting visitors to loyal customers

Optimizing the new site to make it a positive experience for visitors was a key focus. Far more than just getting the customer to make a single purchase, GAF wanted to better understand their visitors to provide true value and gain their loyalty. In order to do so, Echidna performed a thorough review of customer journey mapping. 

Understanding the visitors' full eCommerce journey not only helps GAF win but retain their customers. Echidna was able to use the information they gathered to construct a site that is not only easy to navigate and check out from but provides after-sale support. For example, customers are automatically followed up via email regarding their order status. 

Project highlights

Developing a robust digital experience is both a challenge and an opportunity for any organization.  GAF’s new eCommerce site now welcomes many visitors which are able to quickly convert into customers. Echidna was delighted to partner with them on digital strategy, systems integrations, and user experience for this new eCommerce website. GAF now has a stable, advanced eCommerce platform that will support the continued growth of its business. 

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