Update on Ergodyne's B2B and B2C E-Commerce Growth

Ergodyne has been pioneering the development of products that make workplaces safer since 1983. With 124 global patents and 104 trademarks, they contacted our team at Echidna to help them improve their overall digital commerce experience and move them over to Magento Commerce.

Ergodyne launched their new site with the Magento Commerce platform on April 1, 2016 and has since seen a 250% increase in B2C e-commerce sales and 4% increase in B2B e-commerce sales.

So let’s back up- how did they get to this type of growth? To make it simple, they created the complete customer experience that buyers demand these days.

Here is a snapshot of their before:

-Three eCommerce websites, powered by Sharepoint and Nodus
-Users had to bounce between sites to research products and place orders
-Data synchronizing and efficiency issues between sites
-User experience was not personalized, mobile friendly, and checkout process was lengthy

The company has digitally matured a lot since 2016 and their updated single site experience offers both B2B and B2C customers a plethora of goodies.

Visiting their site today you will notice:

-Mobile friendly experience
-Easy quoting and checkout processes
-Simple inventory level checking feature
-Users are shown detailed product information and resources, including enhanced images and videos, no pinching or zooming required
-Integration of key user roles throughout the site experience to make it personalized
-Ergodyne content galleries, expert tester reviews, tenacious videos, wholesaler account section, bulk order, and quick order
-By overhauling the taxonomy, you can now find the product and safety information you need easily

Switching to Magento Commerce behind the scenes has allowed them the flexibility to incorporate a variety of rich features and functionality to accommodate their complex integrations and requirements to meet their B2B and B2C channels.

They were able to improve data management, payment processing, and SEO during this time also by:

-Integrating with nChannel, a cloud-based integration platform to help them manage and send order, item, and customer data between Magento and their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics GP
-Integrating with Nodus PayFabric, a credit card processing platform, that securely stores and sends sensitive data to their processor
-Boosting SEO by using Wordpress to power their blog and adding title and meta descriptions

Ergodyne has pioneered the development of products that Make The Workplace A Betterplace®. What started with just one product has grown into a line of top flight, battle-tested, Tenacious Work Gear®; all precision crafted to manage the elements, improve productivity and provide protection for workers on jobsites the world over. For a company that prides itself on their innovative, hard-working products it is no surprise that Ergodyne is continuing to digital mature and planning their upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 in the near future.

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