eCommerce Tips + Trends - March 2022

Greetings from Echidna! As purchasing online continues to trend upward, merchants able to provide a superior digital shopping experience will find themselves positioned for a competitive edge. This month’s newsletter provides guidance around strategy for building a B2B marketplace, optimizing pay-per-click, and improving eCommerce technology performance. Also, learn how several merchants partnered with Echidna to evolve their mobile commerce in order to meet B2B and B2C buyer demands.

All of these topics require important decisions that will define your organization’s future success. With this in mind, we hope you find the insights useful in powering your eCommerce journey.

This 60-second read contains:
-3 Factors to Consider Before Building a B2B Marketplace
-Optimizing Pay-Per-Click
-Video: 4 Critical Areas to Improve eCommerce Platform Performance
-Client Spotlight: 4 Merchants Level Up Their Mobile Experience
-Company News

b2b marketplace

Is your company considering building a B2B marketplace? Read 3 of the most critical factors to consider when shaping your strategy to keep your marketplace focused on achieving measurable goals for both sellers and buyers.

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ppc optimization

Amazon, Google, Bing Ads, and endless social channels- the list goes on all the various digital mediums your brand might be using in PPC campaigns to drive awareness and sales. But how effective are they? Read our latest article to learn the key to optimizing PPC campaigns in 2022.

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Video: 4 Critical Areas to Improve eCommerce Platform Performance

When was the last time you performed an in-depth review of your eCommerce platform and website? Not only will it improve performance, but also the future allocation of time and resources. Echidna's experts are sharing the 4 critical areas you need to review in this video to help you make more informed decisions and improve performance this year.

improving ecommerce technology performance


mobile commerce

We're sharing how 4 merchants have taken their mobile commerce to the next level and what features customers are looking for in 2022 and beyond.

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Company News

employee awards
Congratulations to our latest Spot Award recipients! Ashwani, Swathi, and Bhavaneshwari- all your hard work, commitment, and dedication are truly appreciated. Kudos and keep up the great work!

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new employees

Join us in welcoming our newest team members! From being experts in development, data, design, and project management these talented individuals will join us in helping our eCommerce clients succeed.

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