Echidna Newsletter: January 2021

Happy New Year from Echidna! As we start 2021 many of us are in a period of transition. Business leaders working towards making a company stand out in new ways; much shifting attention from offline to online operations. Remember that working towards something genuinely unique isn't always easy, but it can be greatly rewarded.

This 60-second read contains:
-Client Spotlight on Hills Australia
-Helping Leaders Prepare for Commerce in 2021
-How Personalization Promotes B2B Success
-Resource: Advancing Business Objectives Through Improved UX
-Video: 4 Core Features for a Best-in-Class B2B eCommerce Experience

Client Spotlight on Hills Australia

Kibo Commerce Cloud client

Continual innovation is no small feat, but Hills keeps doing it. Partnering with Echidna, they updated their entire site user experience and purchasing journey leveraging Kibo Commerce. This technology distributor saw a 102% increase in their conversion rate and a 73% increase in the transaction amount. 👏  We call that winning together!

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Helping Leaders Prepare in 2021

ecommerce 2021

The digital shift has been accelerated as 2020 has undoubtedly made us rethink how we do business. Technology, user experience, mobile, and marketing- this collection of must-reads will help leaders prepare and navigate the future.

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How Personalization Promotes B2B Success

One of the clearest findings for the past several years is that B2B personalized purchasing experiences improve the perception of your company and lead to better outcomes (buying more!). How does your brand personalize for the B2B buyer now? How does it plan to evolve in 2021? Read why adding B2B personalization is more important than ever for success.

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b2b personalization

Resource: Advancing Business Objectives Through Improved UX

ux for ecommerce

Take charge and achieve the success your brand is working towards this year in eCommerce. Higher engagement, conversion, and increased revenue are all within reach when you improve your site UX. No, this doesn't have to mean a complete re-design. Learn how to navigate the 6️⃣  steps to achieving improved UX In 2021.

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Video Replay: 4 Core Features for a Best-in-Class B2B eCommerce Experience

b2b digital commerce

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