Echidna Launches New Site for VOLT® Lighting

VOLT® Lighting is an industry-leading source for high quality, factory-direct lighting products for both pros and everyday consumers. We had the chance to catch up with Andrew Krasner, Director of commerce and Marketing at VOLT® Lighting, to talk about the company's new website, which is powered by Kibo, was implemented by Echidna, and launched at the beginning of the month. Read on for the interview.

Echidna: What was the motivation to move to the Kibo platform?
Andrew: Our business has grown significantly since our previous site was launched, and we sought an enterprise-level service with a highly flexible theme development framework.

E: How was your experience during the implementation project? Specifically, how was working with Echidna and Kibo?
A: Echidna did a great job managing our implementation activities and developing a site which is significantly better than our previous one. As an early adopter of Kibo, we enjoyed the opportunity to influence Kibo's product development roadmap. With Kibo, we have the benefits of a Software-as-a-Service solution, and also many features driven by our own requirements. On top of the Kibo platform, Echidna was able to develop highly customized applications for us, such as our new "Build Your Own System" section.

E: It’s been a few weeks since the launch. Have there been any measurable improvements?
A: Over the first 3 weeks, the new site is outperforming our previous site in higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates. We have also received many positive comments from our customers about its improved ease of use.

Over the first 3 weeks, the new site is outperforming our previous site in higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

E:What improvements are you hoping to see moving forward?
A: We are enthusiasts of landscape lighting, and we continue to seek ways to bring its benefits to more homeowners. And so, we will be working with Echidna to design online experiences which simplify the process of selecting and purchasing landscape lighting systems and components. We are confident that with the flexibility of the Kibo platform, and the prowess of the Echidna team, we will continue to improve the experience of buying landscape lighting online directly from the manufacturer, VOLT® Lighting.

Check out VOLT® Lighting's new site for yourself!


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