Echidna Announces Partnership with VTEX to Deliver Fully-Integrated Commerce, Marketplace, and OMS Solution

Echidna Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with VTEX, the world’s first and only fully integrated commerce platform ready for the next age of digital innovation.

As a leading eCommerce agency, Echidna Inc. is focused on providing businesses with end-to-end digital services including strategic consulting, user experience (UX) design, platform implementation, customization, and enterprise integration. This new partnership adds VTEX’s comprehensive e-commerce, marketplace, and order management capabilities to Echidna’s extensive ability to design, deliver, and support robust B2B, B2C, and B2B2C commerce solutions to businesses across industries.

“Delivering strategic solutions and consistent value to our clients at an affordable cost is essential to our success,” explains Mike Pierce, President, and CTO of Echidna Inc. “VTEX offers a scalable, extensible, and modern architecture to enable rapid implementation, business automation, and continuous innovation.  The solutions we build on VTEX will empower our clients with the modern commerce capabilities necessary to compete in today’s (and tomorrow’s) ever-changing digital markets,” said Pierce.

With the growing increase in collaborative commerce, VTEX answers with a comprehensive platform that offers both the capabilities and coordination that companies will need to grow and adapt to changing customer demands and to incorporate new innovations.  Echidna will leverage the platform’s MACH-based (microservices, APIs, Cloud-native, and Headless) architecture to craft comprehensive commerce solutions that support and empower our clients’ businesses and technology strategies. 

“As more companies invest in the expansion of digital commerce and experiment with emerging channels like marketplaces, VTEX offers incredible value and an impressive platform on which to grow and innovate,”  Pierce explained. “We design and build robust, reliable, and responsive storefronts for our clients, and VTEX provides an extensive and impressive platform to do so with absolute confidence in the solutions we deliver.”

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Echidna is a leading digital commerce agency with capabilities including strategy, creative, marketing, systems integration, technology services, and managed services. Our goal continues to be to deliver top-notch quality on a predictable schedule and at an affordable rate that our clients recognize the real value in. We are dedicated to helping leaders continue with their growth and innovation well into the future.

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