Data and Predictive Analytics Platform 4-Tell Partners With Echidna to Kick Off 2019!

Omni-channel personalization is something brands are quickly looking to implement into their digital strategies if they have not already. Echidna is excited to announce our partnership with data and predictive analytics platform, 4-Tell, who is an innovator and pioneer in the space. Through this partnership, Echidna will be able to further offer our clients the customer loyalty, engagement, and the superb user shopping experiences they require to stay competitive.

What is 4-Tell’s omni-channel personalization technology?

4-Tell is a pioneer in omni-channel personalization helping brands build customer loyalty and increase revenue through amazing shopping experiences. 4-Tell’s founders have been innovating the way retailers serve their customers by transforming front-end data into personalized product recommendations and actionable insights within our revolutionary Smart CommerceSM Platform.

Jason Trinchero, VP of Sales & Customer Success at 4-Tell says, “we’re always looking for opportunities to provide more value to our customers and ultimately empower them to be more successful merchants. Our partnership with Echidna helps us do that. When combining their services with our personalization solution, these are powerful elements that increase short-term conversion and drive long-term loyalty.”

Engage and Collaborate Your Online Shoppers Further With:

“We look forward to working with 4-Tell as we strive to further enrich the e-commerce innovation services we deliver to our clients. As B2C and B2B brands strive to personalize their online experiences, partners like 4-Tell give Echidna and our clients the tools and technology needed to make personalization practical and profitable. We expect to do great things together in 2019.” Mike Pierce, President and CTO of Echidna.