Announcing Echidna's Partnership with Oracle Commerce Cloud

Echidna is excited to announce our Gold Partner status with Oracle Commerce Cloud. It only makes sense that Echidna would be partnering with Oracle Commerce Cloud. The combination of our record of experience with Oracle, our leadership in the cloud-based SaaS commerce world, and the way Oracle Commerce Cloud complements our current service offerings made it a simple decision.

A history of collaboration with Oracle

Echidna has worked extensively with Oracle in the past, specifically on the Oracle ATG platform. As a company, our past experience includes projects for clients such as Kohl’s and Michael Kors, among others. In addition to company-wide project experience, Echidna’s leadership team also has deep experience with Oracle ATG, on both the systems integration side and the client side.

SaaS is the future

We’ve been saying this for the last few years, and more and more companies are beginning to realize that it’s true. If you’re still not convinced, then just think about this: if Oracle, the second largest software company in the world, is going all in on commerce in the cloud, you know it’s important. We’re not saying that SaaS is for everyone today, but a SaaS-based commerce platform can carry a ton of benefits, especially for mid-market companies — reduced IT expenditure, faster time-to-market, more seamless updates, and more.

And we haven’t just been talking about SaaS — we’ve been building on it, and we’ll continue to build on it. Different projects need different solutions, and fortunately we’ve been able to develop partnerships and expertise on several SaaS-based commerce platforms. We think Oracle Commerce Cloud is a great addition to the lineup.

Oracle Commerce Cloud pairs well with Echidna

Given Echidna’s expertise in user experience, technology, and marketing, Oracle Commerce Cloud complements our current capabilities in a unique way, and it expands the range of options we can offer our current and future clients.

We’ve already built an accelerator on the Oracle Commerce Cloud platform, a key differentiator that we’re confident will give our clients a leg up on the competition, should they choose to go with Oracle Commerce Cloud for their next implementation.

We’d be happy to talk personally about why we're partnering with Oracle Commerce Cloud or any other questions you have about Oracle Commerce Cloud and Echidna.

Want to take us up on that? Reach out now.

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