3 Powerful Shifts to Consider When Shaping eCommerce Strategy

Making order out of the chaos of 2020 is proving to be a challenge for brands across the globe.

Many of us are questioning the strategy behind the brands we work for, that we have helped build. Have we planned enough to compete effectively and operate efficiently? Is it time to redefine possible and pivot the way we are shaping the future? What does all this look like in a digital-first world?

In order to realize the opportunity that supporting a wide strong digital model and buyer journey brings will require a new way of thinking. Being able to pivot with an updated strategy and thought process this year will not only help make order out of the chaos, but allow your organization to embrace new practices, processes, and business models that will fuel growth moving forward.

"You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be."

- Marianne Williamson

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No eCommerce Strategy is Static

Let’s focus on that idea. The road we’re on is quickly taking turns no one saw coming. We need to be prepared to change lanes or even pull a 180 at any moment in order to improve and ultimately progress forward. 

And while we can all agree on the need to be prepared to pivot, Echidna clients have found that these key shifts can serve as a foundation to guide decisions going forward. At least for the next several years, these powerful ideas will act as guardrails to keep eCommerce decisions on the right track and shape a forward-thinking strategy.

Moving to a cohesive digital experience

Digital customer engagement is majorly important in most any industry today- the worst mistake you can make is thinking your brand is immune to this. The knowledge this engagement provides will give you access to improving your overall value proposition. Fundamental to all of this is offering a seamless, cohesive experience across all digital channels, devices, and touchpoints. 

Echidna client Construction Specialties, a leader in the building products industry, knew that in order to support the evolution of their customers and business users an improved digital commerce experience across all devices was needed. Their digital experiences are now a seamless extension of their offline experience and an important component of the business.

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Bringing on a data-first approach

Both product and customer data are key to providing a cohesive digital experience that is worth engaging with. Look at the metrics as a story filled with opportunities, not simply numbers showing a pass or fail. What is the information telling you and how is it part of your bigger picture? Utilizing data in this manner will allow you to build a better brand for your customers, provide a more meaningful multi-channel experience, and allow for continual improvement and innovation.

Growing personalized experiences

With all that data your brand can start to build sophisticated customer profiles. This will allow you to create more personalized messages, offers, and provide better value to your users. 

We see contextual relevance as one of the main drivers in the success of online storefronts. Look at Amazon, Kohl’s, and Jelly Belly- their ability to provide a highly relevant digital experience has greatly contributed to their online success. Being able to build an operation that can recognize, analyze, and activate around context to offer a personalized and engaging experience will only grow in importance. 

Read how Echidna client Jelly Belly launched 45 unique websites on one centralized platform to improve data organization and personalization for both their distributors and end-users.

Read the case study

Be Prepared for Tomorrow

eCommerce will continue to advance, exactly where is unknown. Whether you want to create something better or truly different, it will require a sound strategy and strong leadership to set a foundation to move forward. At Echidna, we combine big picture thinking with pragmatic know-how allowing you to overcome obstacles that prevent complex change initiatives from materializing. 

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